When should i sell my car for best value and profits

When should I sell my car is the question that rises in every second car owner’s mind especially when they are planning to get a new car anytime soon. Imagine you are going for a long drive and the car broke down somewhere or you are going to an important meeting but could not reach there on time because your car got out of order at eleventh hour. These are awkward situations indeed and anyone of us can possibly face them. But after facing such scenarios it is inevitable to think of when I should sell my car. Indeed, there is a situation and you need to sell your car when it is needed. Continue reading

Aktuelle Trends – BPMN 2.0 und seine zahlreichen Softwareanbieter

Als im Jahr 2013 die damaligen BPMN-Trends (Business Process Modelling and Notation) definiert wurden, umfassten diese neben der Symbolsprache BPMN 2.0 auch eher unbekannte Aspekte, wie die damals brandaktuelle Prozessautomatisierung. Was sich in fast drei Jahren getan hat? Aus Sicht der Experten nicht einmal allzu viel, glaubt man aktuellen Beiträgen hochrangiger Prozessmanager. Continue reading